Faff-Bey: A Short History

Between those albums came out 'Emptyhead' - single (-90)which contains an energic cover version of Leather Nun's No Rule at b-side. Before making the 'Doesn't...' -album the bassplayer of the band changed. K. 'Sandman' Limingoja out and Kessler in. So it goes.

The next step of the band was to sign on a major label, Poko Rekords. 'Birthday '- album (-91) is a bit slower and has more tones than two first albums. Still, you don't find any love songs in it. Minor work 'Ace of spades' -mcd's (-92)title song is of course cover version of Motörhead's perhaps most classic song. Faff-bey's latest album 'New religion' (-94) is most versatile of their works. Acoustic guitars and synthetic strings can be heard and yes, there is a love song too!!. Sound of the album is still a metallic, of course and absolutely worth checking out is a cover version of Ennio Morricone's 'Man with a harmonica', a classic western title piece.

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