A few details about Faff-bey

The band was formed in 1985 in Oulu. Their first demos were sung in Finnish, but after booting the original singer (guitarist Maike took over) English was the singing language. "Machine workshop noise" or "saw rock" as their music was described raised fair interest at the HC/metal scene in Finland and the first ep S/M party's (-88) title song became a small scale cult hit (couple of cover-versions of S/M party have been recorded, by Puhelinkoppi (extremely weird!!) and Impaled Nazarene).

After releasing S/M party by their own label Grave Records , band signed on an independent record label Bad Vugum. Two first albums 'Back from the grave' (-88)and 'Doesn't feel like laughing' (-89) are brutale, 100 mph moving demonstrations of raw power. No melodies, just one mean tone.

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